We have spent countless hours creating one of the most functional and user-friendly Club Penguin hack tool available online. We are dedicated to continue to update, innovate and alter the current hack tools we have available but we are confident what we have built will work for years to come. When we first came together to create the Club Penguin hacks and membership generator we set a goal to not only create one that works but the best one available. We are confident to say that we accomplished that goal, proof is through the thousands of Club Penguin community members that have used it.

Our team is available around the clock if you have any questions, concerns or questions about utilizing the Club Penguin hacks. We have created a strong code-base of hacks that are safe and secure to use. We want to assure you that our tool is one of the safest to use because of the trial and error we went through, testing it to make sure it will work perfectly for any accounts and all Club Penguin users.

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions or new innovative ideas to add to the Club Penguin hack and generator. We are always open to new ideas and how we can better our website!

E-mail: support@clubpenguintool.com